Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Week of September 8 - 11th

 We had a very successful first 1/2 day of Grade 1.  It was lovely to meet each student today.  They were attentive and very well behaved!

We have just a few requests ...

 Dismissal Time

At dismissal time today, I found it very overwhelming with all the parents crowding in and around so closely to our classroom door. For safety reasons, I am asking all parents to stand back at dismissal time and allow all the students to exit and line up outside our classroom like they do in the mornings. I will dismiss students one at a time so that I can ensure they leave with the correct person. Thank you for understanding and for your support with this.

School Supply List

We will begin using our school supplies right away so if your child has not brought in his or her supplies, we ask that you do so as soon as possible. You can find the school supply list on the right hand side of this blog under pages. Click there and it will bring you to the correct page.


Tuesday - September 8th

First successful 1/2 day of Grade 1!

Wednesday - September 9th

 First full day of class. 

Thursday - September 10th

Runners for Gym

A few students brought runners today. They stay at school. We will use them for gym this Thursday so please make sure to send runners to school with your child asap. Label them with your child's name.

Gym Days

We only change for gym on Thursdays! Please make sure your child is wearing a t-shirt and shorts under their regular uniform to make it easier for them to change for gym.

Meet the Teacher Night

This Thursday, September 10th at 7:00pm is our Meet the Teacher Night. I really hope to see all Grade 1 parents attend because Mrs. Mouro and I go over very important things such as homework, expectations, routines, etc. It's not a meeting you want to miss!

Friday - September 11th

Professional Day!  No classes are in session. 

There is no homework for this week!