Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week of November 9 - 13th



No reminders for today.


Remembrance Day Assembly @ 9:15am in the church basement led by the Grade Four class.


NO SCHOOL - Remembrance Day - No classes in session.


Gym class - students should wear shorts and t-shirt under uniform for quick and easy changing.


Non-Uniform Day: Dress like your favourite Saint! Donations will go towards fundraising for Grade 7 Graduation.


Leveled Readers

Book exchange days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday only. 

Word Rings *** change in procedure ***

Beginning this week, I will have a "sign up" sheet available at the red table in our room. Students will be encouraged to "sign up" to have their word rings assessed if they feel they have mastered them and are ready for the next level. We are teaching the students how to be more accountable for their learning and how to monitor their learning progress.  It's never too young to start encouraging students to be responsible for their homework.

Poetry Books

Students are assigned a new poem to read every Friday and duotangs go home for the weekend.  We encourage parents to read the poem with their child and sign the record sheet at the back of the orange booklet.