Sunday, 2 October 2016

Week of October 3 - 7th


We are into our last week of pledge collections as our school-wide Walk-a-thon fast approaches!  Grade 1 is just under $1000 in pledges according to the Walk-a-thon board in the front entrance of the school. We are in last place with Grade 2 in competition with the other classes for who can bring in the most $ in Walk-a-thon pledges. 

In this last week, Mrs. Mouro and I will encourage the kids to get out there and collect as many more pledges as they can to increase the $ amount we collect as a Grade 1 team. The kids really want to win a class pizza/movie party with all the trimmings! The school certainly appreciates all of the time and effort you, the parents, are putting into helping our school raise money for special projects and purchases. Thank you.

This week's reminders are as follows ...


New words to study come home this week!
New leveled readers also come home.


Gym class: students should wear t-shirt and shorts under uniform for quick & easy changing.


New leveled reader comes home.


Hymn Sing: Rosary Assembly led by the Kindergarten class.


School-wide morning Mass followed by the Walk-a-thon Event!

This week's homework ...

Leveled Readers

Readers are assigned/exchanged every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Sight & Family Word Snakes

Sight & word family words are assigned every Monday & Wednesday.

Poetry Booklet

Read poem together and sign the log sheet in the back of the orange booklet. 

Sick/Flu Season
Last but not least, with the flu season fast upon us already, please make sure you keep your child at home if they are sick until they are fully recovered. When children come to school sick, germs spread quickly and before you know it, others fall sick including the teachers.  Mrs. Mouro and I would like to promote a healthy classroom environment this year which includes regular hand washing, nose wiping with Kleenex, sneezing into Kleenex or the elbow of the arm and resting at home if sick until fully recovered. We welcome your understanding and support with this matter.