Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dear Parents,

On Friday, students are asked to dress up as their favourite saint. Here are some ideas for what your child can wear:

Here are some ideas for the Girls:
St. Martha - robe/long dress with a head covering and shawl; carrying food in a basket
St. Elizabeth of Hungary - robe/long dress with a cloak or veil and a crown; carrying food for the poor
St. Catherine of Sienna; St. Faustina; St. Clare - nun/sister outfit

A plain dress with a shawl works for many saints and the addition of a symbol or item associated with that particular saint can make her outfit different from the others:

St. Cecilia - a musical instrument
St. Genevieve -  a candle or a set of keys
St. Helena - a cross
St. Mary Magdalene - ointment in a container
St. Matilda - a purse
St. Rose of Lima - a crown of thorns
St. Teresa of Avila - a book
St. Therese of Lisieux - roses around a crucifix

Here are some ideas for the Boys:
St. Dominic Savio - a suit
St. Nicholas, St. Augustine - a bishop outfit
St. Gregory the Great, St. Pius V - Pope outfit
St. Isaac Joques, St. John Bosco - Priest outfit
St. Joseph - robe, cloak, fake tools

A robe or cloak works for many saints and a key symbol or item:

St. Thomas Aquinas - a book
St. Stephen - a stone
St. Paul - a book or scroll
St. Matthew - fake money
St. James - key or shell
St. Francis of Assisi - animals (stuffed animals)
St. Andrew - transverse cross
St. Peter - keys

Hope these ideas help families for Friday's Dress Up Day! Thanks